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Spotify Pro Music and Podcasts

With Spotify, you can listen to music and millions of songs and podcasts for free. Stream the music and podcasts you love, and find music, or your next favorite song, from around the world.

Spotify Features

• Discover new music, albums, playlists and podcasts

• Search for your favorite song, artist or podcast program

• Enjoy unique daily mix and music playlists designed just for you

• Create and share your playlists

• Explore the best songs from different genres, places, and decades

• Find playlists of music for any mood or activity

• Listen to music and more on your mobile phone, tablet, computer, PlayStation, Chromecast, TV, Wear OS watch, and speakers

Listen to podcasts and music for free on your mobile phone and tablet using Spotify. Download albums, playlists, or just one song and listen to offline music wherever you are.

Spotify gives you access to a world of free music, curated playlists, artists, and podcasts that you love. Discover what's new in music, podcasts and hit songs, or listen to your favorite albums and artists. Create playlists of your choice among the latest songs to suit your mood.

Spotify makes it easy to stream music with curated playlists and thousands of podcasts that you won't find anywhere else. Find music by new artists, enjoy your favorite album or playlist, and listen to the music you love for free.

Free music and podcasts just got easier – listen to a playlist, album or hits of any genre and listen to it in shuffle mode.

Listen to music and podcasts on your tablet for free

• Listen to any song, artist, podcast, album or playlist and experience a personalized music experience with a daily mix to suit your taste.

Spotify Premium Subscription Benefits

• Listen to an album, playlist, or podcast without commercial breaks. Spotify lets you listen to any artist's songs, anytime and on any device: mobile, tablet or computer.

You can download songs for offline listening, wherever you are.

• Resubscribe and listen to your favorite songs.

• Enjoy amazing sound quality with personalized music and podcasts.

• Discover new music, daily mixes, or playlists curated to suit your mood. With Spotify, you'll live an unparalleled personalized music experience.

• No obligation - you can unsubscribe at any time.

Want to discover new songs? Find the music you like today! Explore curated music playlists, hits, and albums, or get personalized music suggestions in the daily mix.

 Spotify Pro application specifications and application download link

 Application:  Spotify pro

Developed by: Spotify AB

License: Free

Size: 54 MB

Operating system: android

Version: V 8.7.52

Format: APK

Category: Listen to music and millions of songs and podcasts for free

Last update: 30/07/2022

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