Web Video Cast MOD APK v5.9.2 (Premium Unlocked)

Web Video Caster Premium

Web Video Cast Browse with TV

Web Video Caster® allows you to watch videos on your TV from your favorite websites including movies, TV shows, live news, sports and IPTV. It also lets you send local video files stored on your phone. Images and audio files are also supported. Subtitles are detected in the webpage, and you can also use your own subtitles, or you can use OpenSubtitles.org's integrated search.

Web Video Caster® supports the most popular streaming devices, allowing your TV to stream videos directly from the web.

• Chromecast.

• Roku.

• DLNA receptors.

• Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices.

• Smart TVs: LG Netcast, WebOS, Samsung, Sony, etc. *.

• Playstation 4 using its own web browser.

• Most web browsers by visiting PS4) http://cast2tv.app , Smart TVs, other consoles, set the top boxes).

• And more.

* If you have compatibility issues, contact us and list the brand and model number.

Supported media

• Live HLS broadcasts in M3U8 format, as supported by the broadcast device.

• Movies and TV shows.

• MP4 video clips.

• News and sports live.

• Any HTML5 videos *.

• IPTV (M3U8, W3U, RSS.

• Pictures.

• Audio files including music.

* The streaming device must be able to decode the video you are playing. Web Video Caster® does not perform any video/audio decoding or encoding.

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to start streaming:

1.- Browse the web or your local file explorer to find the video, audio or picture you want to stream on TV.

2.- If the video or audio is on a website, try playing the video inside the webpage. If this is an image, you can long press on it to broadcast it.

3.- Connect to your streaming device to stream video, music or photo.

Premium Features

• No ads in the app.

• Bookmarks.

• Setup the home page.

• Record video.

• Waiting list.

• Home screen shortcut.

Most visited sites.

** This functionality does not generally apply to all streaming devices.

Limitations and Disclosures

As with all apps, there are some limitations that we are aware of and want you to know up front.

• We are not associated in any way with any online media providers, and we have no control over the content you provide.

• The application does not support casting from tabs, such as the Chromecast extension for the PC web browser.

• We cannot do anything to fix server side (media content provider) issues such as not playing or loading, which is common especially during heavy load times and weekends.

• Refunds are only issued within 24 hours of purchase and the order number must be provided in the text, not a screenshot.

Share your comments

We pledge to maintain open communications with our users. Please contact us first with any questions or support issues before leaving feedback. We will respond to you and solve your problem immediately. Contact us through our user community https://wvc.page.link/c or https://wvc.page.link/f our website contact form.


• Phone status - Allows video clips to be paused on an incoming phone call.

• Wi-Fi Connection Information - Required for streaming devices and browser.

• Photos / Media / Files (Storage in general) - Required for the download function.

• In-app purchases - for the premium version.

• Alarm lock - to keep the phone awake while videos are directed by the phone. It should only affect live streams and verified videos.

• Accounts / Identity - Required by Google Play+ services (7.5.

 Web Video Cast Pro application specifications and application download link

 Application:  Web Video Cast

Developed by: InstantBits Inc 

License: Free

Size: 40 MB

Operating system: android

Version: v5.9.2

Format: APK

Category: Watch videos on your TV 

Last update: 09/01/2024

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