Ala Wad3k Pro without ads, maker of comics and memes {latest version}

تطبيق على وضعك مهكر

Ala Wad3k Pro

Your situation is loaded with more than 15 thousand updated templates for the latest trend and two search engines 🔎 to search for templates, whether by word or by sending them pictures and artificial intelligence 🤖 You will receive an empty template and also an advanced comics maker!

Working and searching for templates and memes is easy, through these steps

⦿ Open the application and describe the template you are looking at or send us a picture of the comic you want to buy from the image search and through artificial intelligence 🤖 You will receive an empty template
⦿ It will give you a lot of options to look for, choose the right template 🎯
⦿ Filter between search results by characters and movies
⦿ You can make a comic from the template using a comic mod tailored to your needs
⦿ You can refer the comic to social media in seconds or save the template to your device
⦿ You can also choose photos from your device and make a comic with them from one image to 9 images

Advantages of your situation

— Cut and Scramble Guest Text Stickers
Follow the trend first through the notifications feature 🔔
- Make comics with ready-made backgrounds 🏞
— Use the first camera filters for comics 🎥 from which you can add noises that move with verge and many other things in the atmosphere of the program
— Comic Maker
- edit in photos
- Save photos to your device or share them
- Cut and mess
- add text
- add photos
- Cut, rip and flip images
- Erase parts of photos
- add stickers
- add filters
- And more!

Ala Wad3k  pro application specifications and application download link

 Application: Ala Wad3k  Pro

Developed by: Mahmoud Elfeel

License: Free

Size: 27 MB

Operating system: android

Version: V7.60-gms

Format: APK

Category: Comics and memes maker

Last update: 28/12/2022

Download the latest Pro version

Previous versions


Important note to log in

Save photos without a watermark on your status
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 problem to meet you
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