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Azan, prayer time, Quran by Muslims

Our Muslims program is a comprehensive Islamic application that includes everything a Muslim needs from prayer times, call to prayer times, complete electronic control of the muezzin, in addition to the Holy Qur’an without the Internet (reading and listening) written in Arabic texts, audio, interpretation and audible recitations in the voice of the sheikhs (more than 30 different voices) besides Qibla direction and Hijri calendar for Muslim all over the world. Through the application, you can search for the nearest mosque and all halal restaurants near your location on the maps. The imam's live broadcast function has been added, many well-known imams have started the live broadcast of questions and answers on the Muslimona website, and you can communicate and ask questions with imams as much as you want.

Features of our Islamic program

- Prayer times: accurate prayer times for your current location.

- Azan: Timely reminder and 30+ types of azan

- The Holy Quran: Audio recitations and audio translations

- Al-Khatma allows you to organize the time for reading the Qur’an

- Live broadcast of the imams: Watch the questions and answers of the imams live and ask them questions.

Hadith: A large number of Hadith books

- Qibla direction: always shows you the exact direction of Mecca

- Hijri calendar: Show all Islamic holidays and estimate sacred dates

The Beautiful Names of God: 99 Names of God

- News and knowledge: Stories of the Noble Qur’an, biography, fatwas, questions and answers, Islamic stories

Azan and prayer times

If you suffer from the problem of being busy with daily life and being late for prayer time, solve it with the Muslimona program.

Through it, you can pay attention to the call to prayer and accurate prayer times for every place in the Arab and Western world by determining your current location accurately through maps.

It is also possible to know the prayer times. From the call to prayer for dawn prayer and the call to prayer for noon prayer and the call to prayer for the afternoon prayer and the call to prayer for sunset prayer and the call to prayer for evening prayer.

The Holy Quran

The book of God is in your hands, the fragrance of your mouth is always the entire Quran recited for continuous reading, and you can listen and download the entire Holy Qur’an with our Muslims and with the voice of the most famous reciters from Sheikh Nasser Al-Qatami, Abdul Basit, Al-Hosary, Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy, Hazza Al-Balushi, Muhammad Refaat and more. Al-Khatma feature allows you to create your own Quran reading plan.

You can also put memorization marks to stop reciting and follow up at different times, copy the verse, save the verse as an image, and publish it on the different social networking program or put it as a case, and also control the application line to facilitate the reader.

Direct question and answer with the imam

Watch live Q&A sermons by famous imams to learn more about Islam and get closer to God.

The live broadcast room features the function of fatwa, supplication reading, and microphone connection. You can ask your questions to the imam and communicate with the imam directly. The imams will invite Muslims in the live broadcast room to recite the dua together.

Famous imams who are with our Muslims during Ramadan are: Amir Munir, Islam Sobhi, Yasser Mamdouh, Abdullah Rushdi, Ahmed Al-Azab, Mahmoud Hashem


Our Muslims include a large group of Islamic treasures for the great sheikhs of Islam, including remembrances, religious fatwas, Islamic books, and the remembrances of Fortress of the Muslim within pictures and advocacy clips, and you can also re-publish them on the pages and social networking program.

Religious and Islamic competitions

We did not forget the entertainment aspect with our Muslims of Islamic competitions, through which you can collect points and get major prizes such as Ramadan competitions and various competitions.

the kiss

Through our Muslims, it is now possible for you to accurately determine the qiblah from anywhere in the world using the geographical location towards Mecca.

Mosques and restaurants

There is no need to be afraid of not knowing the mosques near you anymore, through the integrated Vmuslim (Our Muslims), you can identify the nearest mosques and know the timings of each prayer and the route for each mosque, and you can also find out the nearest restaurants that serve food according to Islamic law wherever you are.


 In our Muslims provides the Hijri calendar and the Gregorian calendar for all Islamic occasions from

Islamic New Year.

The beginning of the month of Ramadan and the imsakiah

Eid al-Fitr


Beginning of Hajj

Eid al-Adha

Muslims Pro application specifications and application download link

 Application: Muslims

Developed by: Al hiwar 

License: Free

Size: 37 MB

Operating system: android

Version: V3.06.02

Format: APK

Last update: 22/01/2023

Download the latest Pro version

Previous versions

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