EnhanceFox Pro is an application to sharpen photos and fix your pixelated, blurred or damaged photos or videos


Photo Illustration - EnhanceFox

Repair your pixelated, blurred or damaged photos or videos and make memories no longer blurred!

EnhanceFox is the best real time photo enhancement application to clear that blurry picture. We make full use of advanced AI generation technology to help you easily fix blurred photos to make them clear. In addition, EnhanceFox is also an AI-powered colorizer, which can colorize your black and white photos to make them look better. And last but not least, EnhanceFox is a video enhancer to better quality that can enhance and fix blurry video to HD.

Want to refine details and restore them to blurred photos?

Download and enjoy the convenience of cutting-edge AI technology for your life!


• Fix blurred photos to make them clear and photos make photo better

• Improve the video quality to a better resolution.

• Photo enhancement that turns photos into an animated effect.

• AI image sharpener to image sharpening as well as a video.

• AI Image Smoother that improve image smoothness.

• Restore realistic colors to your black and white photo

Images • Descratch, remove scratches from images.

Pictures • Animate, add eye and mouth movements to make pictures talking or singing. The face of spirits with interesting action. Come and make your face animation.

• Best face animation on spirits and faces, creating amazing speechless pictures!

• AI photo editor for pictures and photo retouching to give you a flawless face

• Retouch selfies in one click to remove blemishes and smooth out skins

• One click to color photos, add filters and correct photos automatically

• Enhance old photos in memory to HD

• Enhance photos taken with an old camera or mobile phone to make them the same as your newer camera or mobile phone

• One click to convert photos into comic style.

• Overlay art filters on photos to make them look more stylish

• AI recognition to blur the background, highlight the high-definition image of the character

Compressed • Rescue, damaged or yellowed old photos

• Animate free old photos with AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms.

• Reshape an image by marking any unwanted content and having it removed from images with one touch

New Features1

Not only make the photos clearer, but we have also added a new video enhancer function. You can select a blurry or low-resolution image or internet video, and we can enhance that video to a better quality. EnhanceFox is not only an AI photo enhancer but also an AI video enhancer.

New features2

• Image scanning support to convert your photos to digital images for free.

• Scan multiple photos simultaneously then auto-detect, rotate and enhance.

• Store the scanned images in the album. Then you can enhance pictures and colorize B&W pictures and animate pictures.

• Share these interesting pictures with your family and friends. Come to create your photo memories and surprises.

EnhanceFox Pro application specifications and application download link

 Application:  EnhanceFox

Developed by: risingcabbage

License: Free

Size: 137 MB

Operating system: android

Version: V5.5.0

Format: APK

Category: Repair your pixelated, blurred or damaged photos or videos

Last update: 27/10/2022

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