G-MScreen application works as a communication party with the receiver (demo) and works on the same Internet connection


G-MScreen Pro Application

This app is a client software for STB (Set Top Box) that can support G-MScreen
 It works with STB through internal WiFi.Basic function:1.Search/switch channels from STB2. Modify channels from STB
 Including move, rename, delete, lock, set favorite
 3.Watching channels from STB by mobile device with this app installed.4.Checking channles EPG(Electronic Program Guide).5.Virtual remote control interface
 including buttons
 Rotation and touchpad.6.Adding/Editing/Deleting timer STB7.Change setting STB
 inculding sleep timer, parental control, password
 Screen lock/unlock, on/off, factory default.8.STB intelligent prompts the user
 And the mobile phone has a call coming 9.Surppot Saturday to IP
 The router need surpport 150M WiFi. 10.Support SatFinder, APP shows signal signal and beeping while installing the dish. 11.Support DLNA
 To show your photos, videos and phone on the big screen TV.

   G-MScreen  Pro application specifications and application download link

 Application:  G-MScreen

Developed by: max_cao 

License: Free

Size: 56 MB

Operating system: android

Version: V1.0.20499 [Mar 17 2022]

Format: APK

 Last update: 16/03/2022

Download the latest Pro version

Previous versions


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