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Drama Live APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked, No ADS)


* Video, Audio, Live, VOD, and IPTV player
* Play multiple channels simultaneously
* Public and private chat while watching.
* Fast in-app video and IPTV player with high capabilities.
* Possibility to choose the default video quality.
* Support one channel multi-quality broadcasting (SD HD FHD 4K).
* Support multiple servers for one channel.
* Server selection automatically if one of the servers is not working.
* Automatic live broadcast reconnection.
* Choose the audio track.
* Run in the background.
* Turn on audio only mode.
* Possibility to create and arrange a list of favorite channels.
* Choose a channel to be played with the start of the application.
* User-friendly design.
* Possibility to choose how to display channels as a network or a list.
* Channels are organized into categories in addition to the channel logo.
* Support download properties of requests from m3u file
* Quickly search for channels in playlists.

Supported sources:
* FG codes.
* Xtream codes.
* M3u files.

What is the FG code?

FG Code is a free service that allows you to organize and group your content links into a single playlist represented by a simple code, then view your content simply by entering the FG Code into any supported player.
You can generate FG code by:
1- Visit the website https://fgcode.store
2- Click on Create FG Code and choose a code and password.
3- Start adding your own content links.
4- Now you can watch your content on Drama Live by entering your code in the FG Code field.
5- Every time you add or remove content from your playlist on https://fgcode.store, the changes will automatically appear in the app.
FG Code is a content management service only and does not include any content, broadcasts or rebroadcasts.

What is the link of the M3u file?
M3U URL is a file format for a multimedia playlist.
It is commonly used to point media players to audio and video sources, including online sources.
You can create an M3U file containing links to media sources and play it on Drama Live.

What is Xtream?
Xtream codes allow IPTV content providers to manage their IPTV or VOD service and customer database.
Users get credentials like user, password and server URL from IPTV broadcasting providers to play content in any supported IPTV player.
We do not provide any kind of IPTV services such as IPTV Subscriptions, Streaming or Channel Codes.
This app has no affiliation with any third party provider whatsoever.

Supported devices:

* Android phones.
* Android Tablets Android Tab.
* Android TV.
* Android TV Box.

Supported video streaming options:
* Miracast.
* Web Video Caster.

important note:

We do not provide any kind of IPTV services such as IPTV Subscriptions, Streaming or Channel Codes.
This app has no affiliation with any third party provider whatsoever.
This app does not provide or include any media or content, and users must provide their own content by providing FG Codes, Xtream Codes or links to M3u files.
We do not endorse the use of copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder.
The app does not host any videos or live streams on its servers.
The application has not declared that it is the owner or responsible for the content that the user plays on the application, and the application when launched is completely free of any content unless the user enters his content.
As far as we know that the link operator does not infringe copyright directly because no copy is made on the application servers, thus this is not a valid reason to send a DMCA notice. To remove this content from the web, the content owner must contact the web host that actually hosts the content (not the administrators of this app).
We at Drama Live are ready to block any server address if we receive a complaint that it is 
broadcasting illegal content at legal@dramalive.org.

   Drama Live Pro application specifications and application download link

 Application:  Drama Live 

Developed by:  Sneig 

License: Free

Size: 14 MB

Operating system: android


Format: APK

Last update: 02/03/2024

Download the latest Pro version

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