ASD Player Pro Fast video player Anime slayer


ASD Player Pro

Play most video files

Support for network streams

Download files

- and more

[Video List]

+ Change home, side menu and all other menu.

+ Storage - All videos, internal / external memory (external SD card) for local, offline

+ Camera - Video taken by the camera

+ Output - cut video clips, extract mp3, save animation / screenshot GIF

+ Trend - Stream music videos online from 50 countries around the world

+ Grid - Displays videos smoothly on the grid directly

+ Search - Search devices and global music videos

[ video player ]

+ Full screen video player - video clip, movie, music video file viewer

+ Launcher overview - Initial playback, Normal playback and Repeat playback functions

+ mini player

+ Network operator - SMB, FTP, WEBDAV, HTTP, and others

+ Background player - Sound mode

+ Floating Player (PIP) - Adjust size, location, progress bar

+ Chromecast Player - Gen 1, 2, 3 and Ultra Codec

+ Chromecast subtitle support - direct subtitle encoder function (smi, srt, ass)

+ All formats players - mkv, webm, mp4, avi, wmv, mpg, ts, 3gp and others

+ All codec players - ac3, eac3, avc, h264, h265, hevc, xvid, etc.

+ Subtitle player - adjust location, color, size and more

[ play video ]

+ High definition video - HD (720p), FHD (1080p), 4K UHD (2160p), 8K UHD (4320p)

+ All formats -Video, audio and subtitle format

+ All encoding - video encoder, audio encoder

+ Multi-core decoder - automatic (FX), hardware (HW), software (SW)

+ Multilingual tracker - Audio recordings/translations

+ Subtitle settings - set location, color, size and others.

[ Video Editing ]

+ Crop the video

+ Extract Audio - Extract MP3 and save + Create GIF animation

[ nod ]

+ Speed ​​- Two fingers up/down

+ Volume - Right side up/down

+ Brightness - left side up/down

+ ZOOM video zoom in/out compressed

+ Search - Double tap, move left/right, etc.

[ Additional Functions ]

+ Landscape mode -UI/UX optimized for Android smartphones and tablets

+ Screenshot - save the image to the "Output" folder

+ Media sharing - file upload, transfer

+ reverse screen, etc.

ASD Player Pro application specifications and application download link

 Application:  ASD Player 

Developed by:  app-dev

License: Free

Size: 12 MB

Operating system: android


Format: APK

 Last update: 24/11/2022

Download the latest Pro version

Previous versions

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