JanTube pro Enjoy the world's leading Arabic YouTube and millions of upcoming videos


JanTube pro

Enjoy the world's leading Arabic Tube and millions of videos coming from the Middle East, Turkey, Bollywood and the world - all in one place!

Jannatube provides Arabic and English user interface.

Key Features:

* All ads are hidden in the video

* Arabic user interface

* Floating music player

* Content Restricted Mode

* The operating speed has reached 3 times

Skip all ads in the video

Jannatube automatically skips ads, blocks ads, and removes all video ads with the built-in ad blocker.

Arabic user interface

Jannatube is the best Arabic tube for Android with the interactive function, hardware acceleration for the music player becomes faster and smoother.

Content Restricted Mode

- This feature will help you to filter latent adult content that you may not want to watch

Floating music player

- Activate it, after you exit Jannatube, the music will be played continuously, so you can use social media applications continuously.

- Use the shrink feature, you can adjust your YouTube panel and move it to the corner of your screen in a small moving window, after that you can play the game, review the email, and complete other actions without any disturbance.

- Under this mode, the app will be minimized and the video in your phone or tablet will play in a small window in the background, so you can use your device while enjoying music.

The operating speed has reached 3 times

- Playback speed setting function is equipped in it. You can freely set the playback speed and enjoy watching videos.

Find videos the smart way

- Searches for your favorite videos anytime and anywhere, and you can enjoy smooth watching without disturbing ads. Also, you can quickly find previous videos in your historical records and continue watching them.

If you find any error while using our services or want to submit complaints, contact us via the following email:

We will improve our services as soon as possible."

JanTube Pro application specifications and application download link

 Application:  JanTube 

Developed by:  Janatube Team 

License: Free

Size: 27 MB

Operating system: android


Format: APK

 Last update: 07/12/2022

Download the latest Pro version

Previous versions

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