Almoslay mod apk المصلي بريميم - مواقيت الاذان والصلاة


المصلي بريميم - مواقيت الاذان والصلاة

Establish your prayers, sweeten your life, and preserve them with prayer times from the (Al-Musalla) application and program, the largest Islamic application, the companion of more than 30 million Muslims around the world, with the call to prayer alarm and prayer times with full accuracy according to your country and city, in addition to everything you need in your daily life, He is the muezzin, your companion in every worship.

The worshiper's surprise:

- (Collective khutmah) Surprising the biggest of the worshipers, create a collective khutmah and gather your family and loved ones on the khutmah of the Qur’an, and double the reward and determination, or join the general khutmah, and make your slogan a Qur’an that brings us together, we conclude together.

Prayer Timings :

Ultimate accuracy according to your location with a muezzin you choose and the direction of the qiblah, and the automatic update feature when traveling without the need to connect to the Internet, as it automatically determines your location and you will hear the muezzin’s voice during prayer times.

Make your prayer the mainstay of your day and your motto, my prayer is more important, with the prayer call to remind you of it.

The Mushaf (the Noble Qur’an):

In your pocket, with a variety of fonts and night reading, the golden Quran is in your hands, and start sealing it in full every month, with the Qur’an throughout the night and during the day. Invite your friends and make your logo a seal together so that we can get the great reward.

Choice of voices:

Ease of choosing the voice of the muezzin that you love at prayer times, through a diverse library of the sweetest sounds of the call to prayer, Bilal, in Mecca and around the world, with the complete azan application. Maintain your prayer with the worshiper and before him the accurate prayer.

Qibla direction of prayer:

With extreme accuracy, make sure in the fewest seconds after hearing the muezzin's voice that you can determine the direction of the qiblah.

Rose and seal of the Holy Quran:

Seal the Book of God, recite from the Holy Qur’an in the Ottoman script, read in effective ways, and make your motto #the_Quran_the_light of my life.

Get acquainted with the Golden Qur’an and determine your destination from the Qur’an’s seal.

electronic rosary:

Glory be to God with the rosary of the worshiper, Lourdes, and the daily Muslim remembrances that are dear to you from the Book and the Sunnah. Do not forget to repeat the call to prayer.

Various benefits:

Distinct daily benefits and renewed daily deduced, publish your distinctive benefit, a better way to complete, a Quran reciter that you recommend, a way to commit to worship.

5 ways to confirm the direction of the qiblah:

Through four ways to know the qiblah: (the sun, the moon, the compass, the map), the qiblah compass works without the Internet, such as the call to prayer times service, without the need to specify prayer times.

Accounting replied:

(So remember me, I remind you), to follow your daily acts of worship, and persevere in them easily and regularly, just specify your actions: alms, prayer, my remembrance, reading the Holy Qur’an or the receipt of its permanent seal, with my prayer, as well as the daily remembrance of the Muslim and others.

Remembrance of the Muslim:

Daily Muslim remembrances, which we provide to you from Fortress of the Muslim and Remembrance, with all periodic morning and evening remembrances, as each remembrance appears on the main screen according to the timing of the prayer.

Hijri calendar:

It displays the most important Islamic events throughout the year and is compatible with the Umm Al-Qura calendar and the Hijri date

In addition to a monthly and weekly calendar with prayer times.

Disliked times:

Learn about the times when it is forbidden to pray, except for the obligatory ones. Take advantage of them in the #Holy_Quran, filling them with blessings.

Happened on this day:

Learn about the most important Islamic events, through an event on this day.

Pray for:

Ramadan is a month of goodness and supplication. Collective supplications we have provided for you with a variety of supplications from the Qur’an and Sunnah, in addition to legal ruqyah, compiled for you. To pray to God at times of answered prayer, at any time and place, and in my prayers.


Fortify yourself and your household with legal ruqyah from the Qur’an and Sunnah, and a variety of remembrances from the fortress of the Muslim. Be in the protection and care of it through the remembrance of God.

Nearby mosques:

To know the nearest mosques to you and the qiblah according to your location at the time of each Bilal call to prayer, with specifying the prayer qiblah.

The muezzin worshiper is the companion of a Muslim to perform daily worship, reminds you, supports you, and brings you closer to your Lord.

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Prayer times application -Almosaly

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 Application:  almoslay 

Developed by:  Madar Software 

License: Free

Size: 100 MB

Operating system: android


Format: APK

 Last update: 24/03/2023

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