Motionleap by Lightricks MOD APK v1.3.16 Pro Unlocked


Motionleap MOD APK 1.3.16  Pro Unlocked 

Animating images and creating motion graphics is now incredibly easy with Motionleap from Lightricks. The Google Play Store selected Motionleap as one of the best apps of 2019.

Motionleap is a photo animation app that brings still images to life with ease and speed. With just a few touches, you can create professional motion graphics. Beautiful fire effects or calm and relaxing water waterfalls. Our application gives you the ability to move images using simple and professional editing tools. Download Motionleap now!

Edit images into animations - use the arrows to add movement, set the speed, and control movements with anchor points. AI photo filters and effects make it super easy to select specific areas of an image, or fine-tune for more control.

Motionleap gives you the ability to easily edit your photos, using professional, accurate, and easy-to-use editing tools. Photo Editor gives you the possibility to instantly give life to still photos while you create your own magical art in an instant.

Motionleap brings your still photos to life. It gives animated photo effects and cinemagraphs that will wow any of your friends and social media followers - and best of all, Motionleap is a free photo animation app. Animate images and add photo effects to watch your photo come to life as short video clips or GIFs.

Do you want inspiration and encouragement? Follow the hashtag #Motionleap on any of the social media platforms, and you will find many people sharing a lot of creativity with Motionleap photo animation software. And share with them the most creative pictures from your gifs. Share your gifs and we will share the best ones!

Motionleap features

Animation maker

Add movements to photos with simple clicks and touches.

Simple arrows to specify the direction of movements on the image.

Anchor points limit image movement and hold parts of an animated image in place.

Freeze parts of an image with the freeze brush.

Move the sky pictures

Adjust the background of your photo to change the clear sky, to a beautiful sunset / sunrise, or moving clouds.

Choose one of the ready-made templates to make the sky in your photos more dynamic and lively.

Create unique sky animations with this simple animated gif maker.

Add movements and covers for photos

Add filters and covers to your still photos, to give them a fun and beautiful life.

Share your animated gifs for your stories on the social networking site (Story).

Add weather covers and other animations.

Create script-like animation effects to bring your stories to life.

Video filters in photo editing software

Image editing and animation tools including filter speed, directions and styles

Photo software filters and edits change perspective and style.

Video and photo editing software with all kind of effects you need.

Edit Animations

All photo editing equipment.

Adjust, edit, and animate photos to get amazing animation effects.

Give life to your photos, using Motionleap photo animation software.

Animate photos on Android

Move the image elements such as:- hair, waves, clouds, and clothes.

Get moving pictures with Motionleap's highly professional equipment.

Create animated masterpieces that serve your presence or brand presence on social media.

Get professional animated gifs using Motionleap on Android.

Learn to animate photos in minutes with our professional photo animation software

Edit photos, add video filters, and give your still photos life with Motionleap

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Motionleap  Pro application specifications and application download link

 Application: Motionleap

Developed by: Lightricks Ltd

License: Free

Size: 139 MB

Operating system: android

Version: V1.3.16

Format: APK

 Last update: 08/09/2023

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