Voice Changer Editor v1.2.3 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)


Voice Changer Editor v1.2.3 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

It is smart voice changing software, equal to voice editor, superhero voice changer or voice message converter. 📼 There are many cool voice materials available, you can change your voice to male, female, kids, superheroes, alien and so on.

☀ Features and functions:

📼 Voice Recorder: Easily record any sound anytime anywhere.

📼 MP3 Editor: Cut any audio from any audio files without restrictions.

📼 Audio Editor: Freely edit music in different formats.

📼 Ringtone Editor: Efficiently create the ringtones you like.

📼 Ringtone changer: you can use a variety of sound effects.

📼 Sound Tuner: You can use a variety of interesting scenes.

📼 Voice Messages Converter: You can convert your voice into interesting voice messages and send them to your friends.

Super Audio Editor: It is an audio recorder, you can easily record any sound anytime and anywhere; It is also a voice changer, which can not only record the sounds you like, but also change the sounds into many cool sound effects. For example: you can change the voice to the voice of a girl, a male, children, superheroes, an alien, etc. It is also a mp3 editor with "voice changer" function. For recording software enthusiasts, there is no limit to cutting audio in any audio file. In addition, this software can also be called an audio modifier, and users can edit different formats in it, or change different scenes when playing music. All singing voices are very cool. Users can edit their own ringtones.

In short, this is smart voice changer equal to voice editor, superhero voice changer or voice message converter, and it can be used to change any voice.

Voice Changer  Pro application specifications and application download link

 Application: Voice Changer

Developed by: SoulApps Studio

License: Free

Size: 23 MB

Operating system: android

Version: V1.2.4

Format: APK

 Last update: 05/04/2023

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