iSagha v6.3 MOD APK (Unlocked + remove ads)


iSagha v6.3 MOD APK (Unlocked + remove ads)

iSagha is the first application for gold prices in Egypt from its first source in goldsmiths, the price of the dollar, quoted by the Central Bank, moment by moment. The application provides service to both parties (the seller and the buyer).

The two parties to the transaction are made of gold, the sellers “the jeweler” and the buyer the “customer”

Any jeweler came to save you from wasting your time asking about the best gold price between jewelers and shops. Download now the best free application to know the gold prices, moment by moment.

Why iSagha is the best gold price app:

iSagha displays the price of a gram of gold for all its rounds, the price of a gold pound, and the price of an ounce in dollars. In addition to the price of the dollar, specifically quoted by the Central Bank.

E-commerce, trade, wholesale in goldsmiths, sold at wholesale price in goldsmiths. That's why it applies.

It helps you easily place your order and buy and sell price by keeping it informed of its crews.

Many jewelers have become dependent on any jewelers as a first source in managing their business.

Before the prices, you will find the date and time the price was updated.

On any wording, you will find the discount rate between the sale and the purchase, which is what is the sale between the seller and the buyer by mutual consent.

The green indicator in front of each price: the amount of increase in the price from the previous price.

red pointer:

To make it easier for you to notice the price difference

iSagha sends you alerts when the price is updated and other alerts with the latest news and reports on the gold market.

I formulated reports and analyzes of the gold market for you in the buying and selling decision.

I formulate tips for the recruiter and we answer all their inquiries in the gold market.

To find out the latest price of gold on any goldsmith by dragging the page down to the bottom of the updated price.

When dealing with the suspension of transactions in the goldsmith, an alert will be sent to that effect, and the iSagha application will beep, “The suspension of transactions in the goldsmith has been dealt with now,” so that it can alert you as well. And register when dealing back.

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public relations or public relations.

what are you waiting for ?! Download now "iSagha", the first application for prices and analysis of the gold market in Egypt

iSagha is the #1 gold price app in Egypt. Provides immediate update of the price of gold from the goldsmiths, as well as the price of the dollar from the central bank.


Why iSagha is the #1 gold price app:

The price on iSagha is determined according to the most important goldsmith wholesaler "Al Sagha".

iSagha helps you to make the right decision to buy or sell as it shows accurate and correct prices without any courtesy to any party

The green indicator next to the price of gold represents the rate of increase in the current price over the previous price. while the red indicator represents the rate of decline

iSagha sends notifications as soon as the price is updated and other notifications for news, reports, analysis...

When a goldsmith stops trading, iSagha sends a notification, locks its screen, and resends another notification when it returns.

iSagha has ad space for dealers, wholesaler and jewelers, contact us for this.

Download the first gold price app in Egypt

   iSagha Pro application specifications and application download link

 Application:  iSagha

Developed by: immisol 

License: Free

Size: 8 MB

Operating system: android

Version: V6.3

Format: APK

Last update: 10/05/2023

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Previous versions


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