Text Scanner OCR MOD APK 9.10.2 (Premium Unlocked)


Text Scanner OCR MOD APK 9.10.2 (Unlocked Premium)

This is the best OCR text scanner!

The highest speed and the highest quality

In all Android apps!

You can convert image to text.

When accessing the URL or phone number written in magazines or brochures,

It is really difficult to enter a URL or phone number by keyboard.

So please use the OCR text scanner!

Because it automatically recognizes characters from an image,

It is possible to reach the URL or phone number instantly!

When recording a note written on the chalkboard or whiteboard,

It's very troublesome to text it by keyboard.

But you can do it very easily by OCR text scanner!

It is possible to record the contents immediately!

[Text Scanner [OCR] Features]

● The world's highest reading speed

● The world's highest reading accuracy

● Backup your album photos

● Support for more than 50 languages

● Handwriting support

● Recognized text, it is possible to perform the following operation

- URL access

- Phone call

Copy to clipboard

- Send an email

Save to Google Drive

- Save to Google Keep

Share on Google+

- Share on Google Hangouts

     - etc...

[Text Scanner Permission [OCR]]

Only use the "Camera" permission.

   TextScanner pro application specifications and application download link

 Application:  TextScanner 

Developed by:  Peace 

License: Free

Size: 100 MB

Operating system: android


Format: APK

 Last update: 21/05/2023

Download the latest Pro version

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