Zerda Live v1.0 MOD APK + Zerda Player (Unlocked+AD Removed)


Zerda Live appears as an app that allows users to watch and stream live video on mobile phones. Zerda Live is a popular application in the field of live broadcasting and provides a platform for users to communicate and share videos in real time.

Zerda Live offers a user-friendly interface and an attractive design that makes it easy for users to browse and explore the available live content. Users can watch the videos live by joining the chat rooms of the live broadcasts, interacting with the host and other viewers through chatting and sending virtual gifts.

Zerda Live is a safe and reliable platform for users where communications are encrypted and personal data and financial information are protected. The app also offers options for settings for privacy, account control, and visual content.

In addition, users can use Zerda Live to create their own channels and broadcast their live videos to their audience. Developers and professionals can also use Zerda Live to set up online classes, lectures, or presentations.

Zerda Live is one of the leading applications in the field of live broadcasting and provides a platform for users to exchange and share videos in real time. The ability to communicate and interact with others in real time and secure encryption are among the main advantages of this application.

   Zerda live Pro application specifications and application download link

 Application:  Zerda live 

Developed by:  Zerda live 

License: Free

Size: 10 MB

Operating system: android


Format: APK

 Last update: 11/07/2023

Download the latest Pro version


 المشغل Zerda Player 

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