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Cimo Drama Pro

Finally, here is where you can watch popular original shows, series and variety shows!

Drama brings you the most popular and selected shows and dramas for you to enjoy a unique viewing experience.

new experience!

L-Click tag double-click: To fast forward or rewind any video 10 seconds.

2- Updated Help Center:. Chat support and network diagnostic tool are now supported

3- Search the Explore Drama feature and download your favorite shows to watch offline on what you can find you care about faster than before!.

Other features you may like:

Category Selection: Movies.. Dramas and Variety Shows are categorized on different pages. We make it easy for you to find a specific category that you want to explore further.

Resume watching: We help you remember where you left off last time and resume right from there.

Adjust the video definition: you can choose different qualities based on your current situation, if you are watching with mobile data, you can choose the quality 360P to save your data, and you can also enjoy Blu-ray quality (high quality) for a better viewing experience.

Subtitles: We provide multiple languages ​​and subtitles for you to choose from. You can also switch the language based on your preference.

Screen control: You can swipe the screen up and down with your finger to adjust the volume and brightness and swipe left and right to fast forward or backward the video

* Interested in everything related to the Egyptian, Turkish, Syrian, Arab and other dramas and their stars away from political opinions.

* Publish exclusive news, videos and photos.

* Supports all artistic talents in various fields.

* Its goal is to bring the star closer to his audience and constructive criticism to develop the drama.

 Cimo Drama  Pro application specifications and application download link

 Application:   cimo drama 

Developed by:  cimo drama 

License: Free

Size: 40 MB

Operating system: android

Version: V4.1

Format: APK

Last update: 28/03/2023

Download the latest Pro version

Download version for Android TV

You can leave the name of the application to those who need it and we will download it explaining or the problem to meet you
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